August 19 2020 Editorial

We are living longer than ever before, and the age and profile of our society and our workplaces is broadening rapidly. With the rise of the multigenerational workforce, more employers are starting to recognise the importance of addressing the wellbeing challenges and needs of different generations of workers.

In this issue we explore unique challenges different generations of workers face, ways that employers can create conditions for all ages of workers to thrive, and how we can support ourselves to maintain resilience—through the pandemic and into the future. 

In our profile interview with digital entrepreneur and social media influencer Jack Parsons, the 25-year old CEO of The Youth Group offers advice to employers on key ways to ensure wellbeing support for younger workers through COVID-19. One way is through the company’s hugely successful mentoring programme which has already seen some 2,000 sessions being booked with mentors from companies like Dell, Microsoft and Google since the start of the lockdown.

Tricia O’Neill, UK Head of Occupational Health, Wellbeing, Health & Safety Education and Competence for international construction leader, Skanska explains the key factors impacting the wellbeing of construction workers and how the company is specifically focused on supporting the mental health of its higher-risk aging generation of male workers.  

An issue that has affected all ages of workers over the health pandemic is loneliness, with many more people isolated working at home than ever before. Aon’s Head of Health Management, Charles Alberts suggests ways employers can help minimise worker loneliness through Aon’s newly published guide, Loneliness: How employers can help

For companies preparing to welcome staff back to offices come the autumn while we still face the risks of COVID-19, Ainsley Lawrence outlines the factors employers should be considering to ensure the mental health of all staff is looked after and practical tips on effective support solutions.

Tina Woods explores the latest cutting-edge developments that are enabling us to live longer, healthier and better lives and the vital role data and AI play in this, as she introduces her newly published book Live Longer with AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Us Extend our Healthspan and Live Better Too

Finally, Anjna Mistry bravely and beautifully shares her journey with depression. She speaks about the ways she’s maintained her resilience despite challenging times, continuing to live a full and rewarding life as a mother, wife and successful professional. A truly inspirational story.

We hope you find this week’s issue enjoyable and valuable!

Well wishes,

Heather Kelly

Online Editor, Make a Difference News


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