Editor’s introduction 11 June 2020 issue

The world will celebrate Men’s Health Week in the days ahead. In this issue we bring to light what societies and workplaces should be thinking about to support their male populations in our rapidly changing world.

Movember’s founder, JC, shares with us in an exclusive interview practical tips on how to successfully talk with men and support their physical and mental health. 

Recognising that becoming a Dad can trigger poor mental health, Ford Motor Company has designed a unique programme to help colleagues cope with becoming new fathers.

Another progressive employer, construction leader AmcoGiffen, explains why their investment in a nutritional wellness programme to support the health and wellbeing of their (male dominated) workforce, has paid dividends. 

Further highlighting the nuances of how to successfully engage male staff, Lou Banks tells us about Calling Out The Men, a project focused specifically on providing emotional support for men in the business world.

Many men suffer in silence when experiencing domestic abuse—which is on the rise globally due to the Covid-19 crisis. City Mental Health Alliance offers in-depth guidance on what employers and colleagues can do to help those at higher risk of domestic abuse.

As we continue paving the uncharted road to recovery, Martin Kirke shares insights on how values in workplaces are changing (for the better).

On a final note, acknowledging the Black Lives Matter movement and events across the world these last two weeks, we at Team Make a Difference invite our valued readers to pause for a minute and consider how we’re treating those who we come across in our daily lives…. What biases, fears, judgments, insecurities are we unconscious of that could be adversely impacting others in ways we may not realise through our words and actions? We challenge ourselves, and you: what is one small step this next week we can take–to make a difference–to positively affect the life of someone else?

We hope you find this week’s issue enjoyable and valuable!

Well wishes,

Heather Kelly

Online Editor, Make a Difference News



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