Editor’s Introduction 18 June 2020

For this World Wellbeing Week, there’s a lot to take stock of looking back over the past three months when most of us experienced our wellbeing being put to the test. This week ahead provides a platform for us to highlight some of the most progressive leaders and companies supporting employee wellbeing globally today and to also recognise and offer solutions for some of the wellbeing challenges workplaces are still facing.  

We had the opportunity to speak with the UK’s former Minister of Trade and former Managing Director of Waitrose, Lord Mark Price. In an exclusive interview Lord Price reveals his insights into what employers can be doing to support sustained employee happiness during the Covid-19 recovery.

Mental Health First Aiders have become some of the most impactful agents of change toward improving workplace wellbeing globally. But their roles can be emotionally challenging at times, which is where Red Umbrella comes in. We interviewed Red Umbrella’s Managing Director, Tim Ladd about the company’s work helping employers to empower and provide support to their wellbeing champions so they can stay well themselves, whilst helping others.

In terms of rolling out a wellbeing strategy that can be impactful at a global level, Claire Farrow offers examples of how multinational employers Virgin Pulse, AMEX, Unilever and Barclays all attribute much of the success of their strategies to their local wellbeing champions, amongst other culturally inclusive engagement initiatives.

Workplaces are facing major challenges not only to keep staff safe, but to completely rethink how to nurture wellbeing inside workspaces again. Haworth’s Dr. Mike O’Neill offers suggestions on ways employers can introduce simple wellbeing design elements to mediate stress as employees start returning to work.

Wellness at work is often synonymous with professional success, but Paul Carter challenges us in his article Dealing With Failure at Work, with an elephant in the room most companies don’t want to address: how to prepare for failure. 

And finally, at a global level financial wellbeing is on the minds of almost all workers. New reports by Intrum and TD Ameritrade reveal surprising data of the impacts less spending is having on US and European employee financial wellbeing and how employers can respond to support staff with both the positive and negative effects of the financial crisis.

We hope you find this week’s issue enjoyable and valuable!

Well wishes,                                                                                                                                                            Heather Kelly                                                                                                                                                            Online Editor, Make a Difference News

P.S. Something to look forward to… We’re delighted to be working with Geoff McDonald and the team at Minds in the Wild to announce the launch of the MAD World Trek to Petra Challenge, in aid of the Minds@Work charity.  Full details here, or click on the banner below.


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