MAKE A DIFFERENCE | workplace culture / mental health / wellbeing


At PES, we help businesses create a great employee experience so that people can perform at their best.
PES Wellbeing offers a holistic, measurable approach to creating a healthier business and happier employees.
Our three-step method begins with clear-headed analysis of the business issues you want to address.
• Check: analyse the factors which may be preventing peak performance.
• Plan: use these robust, evidence-based findings to achieve a detailed, achievable wellbeing plan.
• Deliver: provide the interventions required to achieve real change.

Delivery might include workshops, mental health first aid training, an overhaul of HR policies, or any of the many other aspects that help to create a positive employee experience.
We don’t look at wellbeing in isolation – as employee benefits experts, we also help organisations to use employee benefits as part of their wellbeing strategy.
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