MAKE A DIFFERENCE | workplace culture / mental health / wellbeing


Santipurna invites you to take five days out to explore your own personal leadership style and learn where to begin to address the emotional and mental health of your senior staff and overall business. Through personal Emotional Intelligence profiling, learn what makes you, your staff and your business tick.
An Individual LEADERSHIP CLIMATE INDICATOR (LCI) represents the rating you are given as leaders within an organisation by your direct reports.

Carried out online, and anonymously, through the eyes of your direct reports, this is a non-invasive way of introducing insight into the emotional and mental wellbeing of your business.
The LCI is introduced to enable leaders to build trust in the business and cultivate a leadership climate that will create a sustainable culture in order to optimise performance.
To learn more about how to introduce emotional and mental wellbeing into your company visit stand 8.