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InnerCirkle Series Part 4: The ‘Rest’ is History

24th June 2020

Never has there been a period in our history when the discussion has been more focused on Mental Health and Wellbeing, however we may be facing our biggest Mental Health crisis yet – thanks to burnout.

With 65% of the office population working from home our days have no clear start, or finish.
Our meetings run back to back and the expectation to be ‘on’ at all times is ever increasing.

Uncertainty regarding job security has induced a desire to be perceived as the busiest, the most industrious, the hardest working and therefore, indispensable. This can cause rivalries and infighting, leading to feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and inevitably; burnout.

With this blurring of parameters and boundaries how can we support and lift our workforce to ensure that we are part of the solution rather than the problem?….

Find out with Rob Stephenson and Kristoff DuBose in the next InnerCirKle installation.