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Make A Difference Media is the global learning space for professionals looking to adopt and embed inclusive, preventative strategies that will have a sustainable impact on workplace culture, mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing, as well as workplace design.

Our mission is to accelerate the shift from stigma to solutions by ensuring every employer – whatever their size – has access to the insight, inspiration and contacts they need to make a real difference.

We focus on people and the changing workforce: through our online portal, in depth, in conversation and in person at our events.

By looking at the future of work through the lens of mental health and wellbeing, our ambition is to have a global influence on creating inclusive working cultures that drive performance whilst looking after human capital.

Meeting a broad range of cross-industry, cross-function information needs, we capture the intersection between business excellence and clinical expertise.

Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re just getting started or you’re moving to the next level of implementation, Make A Difference Media helps you to navigate the maze of information and stay ahead of trends; providing news, reports, analysis and events that bring to life best practices in our fast-evolving sector.

This includes:

  • PROFILES: the people bucking and setting the trends within our growing industry
  • CASE STUDIES: how real people do real things in real organisations
  • NEWS: the pick of the week’s most interesting stories
  • PRODUCT SHOWCASE: highlighting different solutions that contribute to effective wellbeing strategies and plans
  • REPORTS: the latest industry reports and trends plus Make A Difference greenpapers, and whitepapers
  • INNOVATIONS: what’s new and what’s next in technologies, strategies, regulations and policies
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/ SELF-CARE: insights to help you bring your whole self to work, so you’re not just surviving – you’re thriving.
  • STORYTELLING VIDEOS: accelerating the shift from stigma to solutions

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