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The Guardian Panel: How can universities look after their online students’ mental health?

11th November 2020
Type: Panel
Topic: Universities and Mental Health
Location: Online

With universities quickly moving online following coronavirus outbreaks across the UK, lots of students are feeling at sea. Some have spent weeks self-isolating in their halls of residence and others have returned to their families, but all of them are facing up to a different university experience from the one they expected. The emotional upheaval, isolation and unexpected changes to their curriculums could mean that more students drop out this year. How can universities support them both emotionally and academically?

To explore this in depth, the Guardian, supported by Lenovo, is hosting an online panel discussion between 1-2pm on 11 November. The panel, which is open to higher education professionals as well as the general public, will include an opportunity to ask questions to our expert panellists. To attend, please register for the event.