Benefits of early intervention report

PAM groups’ “Benefits of Early Intervention” report analyses the reasons behind employee absence and the impact of timely support. The study, which includes 1,300 cases, reveals that early occupational health referrals can reduce absences by 64%. However, 38% of managers delay support until an employee is already absent, and 55% of absent employees are only referred to occupational health after being off sick for a month.

There’s a clear link between swift referrals to occupational health services and shorter recovery periods. Primary reasons for sickness absence include mental health issues and musculoskeletal problems.

Imogen Cardwell, of PAM OH, and Dr Bernard Yew highlight the crucial role of managers in early intervention, noting the marked improvement in recovery when occupational health services are used proactively.

To learn more, download the full 2023 OH trends report.


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