intO the Future of > WORK 2022 report

Part of the intO the future of > WORK series, this thought-provoking report curates insights from the most progressive innovators and experts in intO’s global network, and explores three emerging opportunity spaces for leaders who are shaping the future of knowledge-based work.

The report explores the following questions to identify three overarching opportunity spaces that will have a long and lasting impact on the future of work:

> Human-centric enterprise

> Harnessing hybrid

> Extended reality

The intO the Future of > WORK 2022 report introduces the drivers and sub-themes that belong to each space and examines present-day ‘signals’ that anticipate the future direction of emerging shifts.

intO is a team of diverse, multi-lingual, qualified Local Experts who live and work up-close within communities throughout the world. They research people’s attitudes and behaviour in their local language, and develop strategies for businesses and organisations within the context of cultural influences, regional trends and wider worldwide patterns.


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