The Business of Health Equity: The Marmot Review for Industry

The latest Marmot review, The Business of Health Equity: The Marmot Review for Industry, is led by Professor Sir Michael Marmot and published by the UCL Institute of Health Equity in partnership with Legal & General. It focuses on practical ways businesses can improve health and reduce health inequalities.

It outlines why Health should be a core consideration for business and shows the additional benefits that will accrue for businesses when they work to improve the health of their employees.

“Business has a vital role to play in shaping the conditions in which people live and work and, as a result, their health. Businesses can potentially play a key role in reducing health inequalities by improving equity in the social determinants.”
The Marmot Review

The review calls on companies to act on the social determinants of health, ‘not to gain competitive advantage, but because reducing health inequalities is the right thing to do.’

Read the full Marmot Review here


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