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Togetherall is the community making it possible to support more people with their mental health. Many people feel uncomfortable opening up or accessing more formal types of support. With an online community, where everyone is anonymous, safe and together, there’s always a place to turn – night or day.

Togetherall provides a way to reach more people and provide support, before their situation escalates. It’s often used by members waiting for or having accessed counselling and other EAP solutions. For some people, sharing for the first time on Togetherall helps them open up and gain the confidence to seek additional treatment. For others, it could be the only place they feel safe to express their feelings. The support community is also a fantastic place for people in therapy or receiving counselling to reflect on their learning and engage with others on the same journey.

The Togetherall community is managed by mental health professionals, counsellors and therapists who are always on-hand and active, encouraging members and keeping them safe. We’ve been around since 2007 and we’re the only community of our kind to be CQC rated.

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