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The Dark Side Of Positive Psychology

How a constant focus on positivity can be extremely unhelpful in business and beyond.

At Rising Vibe we are committed to focusing on what might go right, rather than what might go wrong. However, this is very different to looking for positives. Because sometimes, in the moment, there aren’t any. In this webinar we share how supporting your workforce to access how they’re really feeling, without the pressure of positivity or looking for ‘the bright side’ will help them find relief. When we find relief we are more likely to feel better and cope, so that we can do better.


Is Your Culture Killing Your Business

Discover the impact of social pain and the power of an SPF Culture.

We are working with many clients totally committed to supporting the wellbeing of their teams, and doing their best to enable a culture that provides emotional support to both women and men, yet there is still an extortionate amount of social pain (e.g. isolation, fear, disconnection, lack of influence, feeling misunderstood and not heard) impacting all the obvious metrics around absenteeism, presenteeism and work related stress.

Mental Health First Aid is a great initiative, but is not even touching the sides in some organisations. We are striving to make SPF (Social Pain Free) Cultures the future.


The Business Blame Hose

How blame keeps us safe but also keeps us stuck.

In a recent Rising Vibrational Scale survey, we gathered feedback around emotional wellbeing. We asked people to share with us the range of emotions that they have been experiencing, using the scale as a guide. In addition to this we asked them to tell us what would help them to feel better during this time. 85% of people shared that they needed something outside of their control to change, so that they could feel better. Only 15% focused on how they could manage their emotions to help them feel better.

This reinforces our belief that we prefer to blame things outside of us when we don’t feel good. Of course we can be negatively impacted by external situations, events and other people, but blaming them is one sure way to remain stuck. Taking responsibility for our own contribution to any given situation is the only way to REALLY feel better.


Covid19 as a catalyst for cultural change.

Covid19 has changed everything. We’ve had to adapt and fast. To new working environments. New systems. New technologies.

To the ‘new normal’.

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Over the last few months businesses have had to navigate some monumental changes. But recently, things seem to be settling. As the lockdown eases, the focus has shifted from how we continue to trade within a global pandemic, to now, how we get back to business as usual in the aftermath.

The good news is that hard times can be the catalyst for new lessons, new habits, new behaviours and new and improved ways of working. What have we learned from this unprecedented experience and how can we use this learning to build resilience and move forwards?

In this webinar we deliver some valuable insight into how the pandemic has created an ideal opportunity for businesses to choose the culture they want in the future.

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