Meee in a Work Minute

Meee in a Work Minute: 60 ways to improve your working life in 60 seconds is a collection of life hacks, advice, insights, science, stories, short exercises or thought experiments and quotes that can help you improve your work life in a minute. (Meee in a Minute: 60 ways to improve your life in 60 seconds is also available.)

Sometimes, all we need is a shift in thinking, which can present us with a new mindset, point of view or even trigger a more constructive attitude. We imagine change to be an endless uphill battle, but sometimes it can happen in a minute. Meee in a Work Minute celebrates the world of work, the importance of it and the fundamental need that it’s good for us. It gives us meaning and in many instances purpose. It is designed as a permanent companion – keep it with you at all times.

Dip into it when you are about to go into an important meeting but don’t feel in the right frame of mind, when you have had an uncomfortable conversation with a colleague or manager, or when you need to think differently and come up with solutions or new ideas. Dip in for a boost or just a little feel good magic. I hope it helps you during the tough times and allows you to celebrate the good times.


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