The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees—and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

By: Leigh Stringer

Studies show that unhealthy work habits, like staring at computer screens and rushing through fast-food lunches, are taking their toll in the form of increased absenteeism, lost productivity, and higher insurance costs. But should companies intervene with these individual problems? And if so, how? The Healthy Workplace says yes! Companies that learn how to incorporate healthy habits and practices into the workday for their employees will see such an impressive ROI that they’ll kick themselves for not starting these practices sooner. Packed with real-life examples and the latest research, this all-important resource reveals how to:• Create a healthier, more energizing environment• Reduce stress to enhance concentration• Inspire movement at work• Support better sleep• Heighten productivity without adding hours to the workday• And moreFilled with tips for immediate improvement and guidelines for building a long-term plan, The Healthy Workplace proves that a company cannot afford to miss out on the ROI of investing in their employees’ well-being.


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