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Thrive NYC – Thrive in Your Workplace

Reaching New Yorkers where they are means putting mental health front and center where they live, learn, and work. A part of ThriveNYC, Thrive in your Workplace (TWP) is a public-private partnership that engages New York City employers in a place-based effort to bring mental health supports to the 1 in 5 New Yorkers who experience mental illness in a given year. The workplace has long been a powerful driver for social change – from influencing civil rights, to women’s rights, to LGBTQ inclusiveness, among many other issues – and the time to build on its potential to promote mental health is now. Alongside a national and international groundswell of interest in workplace mental health, local employers that participate in TWP join a cadre of industry leaders who are committed to leveraging the workplace to raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental illness; to teaching the critical skills needed to recognize and respond appropriately to mental health challenges; and to promoting their employees’ access to care.

Our Goal
Thrive in your Workplace helps local employers to bring mental health support to the workplace, fostering employee mental health and access to mental health care. Using an evidence-driven assessment and toolkit, TWP helps to shape workplace mental health strategy that takes both employee wellbeing and organizational priorities into account, and provides technical assistance to implement workplace mental health programs and policies.