Each Person Announces the New Employee Money Saving Scheme: The Each Person Diesel Card 

Each Person

For employers looking to provide additional support to colleagues through the cost of living crisis, Each Person has announced that its new employee money saving scheme – the Each Person Diesel Card – is being rolled out to all of their UK users. 

In partnership with every one of the 900 Esso garages around the UK, the Each Person Diesel Card provides employees with diesel for as low as 40p off a litre. 

Joining the Each Person Diesel Card gives employees access to exclusive wholesale diesel prices ranging anywhere between 20p to 40p off a litre, depending on location. If you consider the average cost to fill up a diesel car is £105 then employees should save £15 to £20 every time they fill up. 

In response to the cost of living crisis, by rolling out the Diesel Card as part of  its reward and recognition scheme, Each Person’s goal is to improve employee engagement, wellbeing and retention by helping employees who are using the platform to save money. 

Matt Norbury, CEO at Each Person, said:

“At Each Person, we want to help people where they need it the most and fuel is one of those big costs many can’t avoid. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need cars and could walk, cycle or take public transport but being realistic we know lots of people still can’t get around without them. That’s why we are doing everything possible to reduce the cost of fuel delivering savings of hundreds of pounds for employees at a time in history where the cost of living has reached an unbearable point. I hope our fuel savings won’t be needed in the future as the cost of living comes down and we move to more eco-friendly forms of transport but in the meantime, it delivers essential savings…” 

How Does ‘The Each Person Diesel Club’ Work? 

Employees can join independently for a £19.99 annual fee. Once the employee has received their prepaid card they can set a monthly amount to spend on their diesel.

This amount can be modified every month. Any leftover spend will automatically be added back to their Each Person account as a voucher. 

If a company wants to save their people even more money they can pre-pay for The Each Person Diesel Card. In this case, the annual fee will be waived for ALL employees

Bryan Duffy, Executive Chairman of Each Person said:

“I was lucky enough to test the Diesel Card before launch and I was blown away by how much money I saved over the two months I was testing it.

Prior to using the Each Person Diesel Card I was spending around £300 a month on filling up my car driving up and down the country. Since using the Each Person Diesel Card I’ve been saving on average 25p off a litre.

The Diesel Card is revolutionary within the HR sector. To be able to give your people money off such an essential household bill, which is unavoidable for most, is something I’m really proud and excited to be a part of.”

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Each Person’s Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme 

Each Person enables companies to look after their people and the planet. Offering ‘in the moment’ thank yous, encouraging healthy spending habits through the Each Person shop, and even the ability to fund ecoprojects. 

Employees want to be recognised, not only for the job they do but for who they are as people. At Each Person it’s simple to show employees how valued they are for their hard work and commitment all whilst saving them money. 

To mark the launch of The Diesel Card going live on the Each Person platform, they are giving every member of the Each Person team a Diesel Card for free to use. In addition, they are giving every current user and stakeholder on the Each Person platform the chance to sign up. 

We are looking forward to hearing how this lands over the next few months. 


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