CoachHub Expands Its Coaching Solution With Specialist Wellbeing Framework

CoachHub, the digital coaching platform, has announced the launch of its new mental health coaching programme called CoachHub Wellbeing. This is a specialist mental health coaching programme designed to improve employee wellbeing across the global workforce.

As businesses recover from a year of turmoil and prepare for a return to the office, this new wellbeing offering aims to help businesses prioritise mental health support for their employees.

Following the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic and the corresponding rising rates of anxiety and depression, proactive employers are recognising that it makes sense on both a personal and business level to engage in proactive measures to prevent burnout and stress from becoming the next pandemic to hit
the workforce.

Working in tandem with CoachHub’s traditional business coaching, the programme aims to prevent and reduce the likelihood of mental ill-health, by providing a framework for people to discuss their individual issues with a highly-trained professional who will work with them to develop coping mechanisms tailored
to them.

How CoachHub Wellbeing works

Following a comprehensive mental health assessment, participants are matched to one of CoachHub’s experts and professionally certified coaches. All coaches in the CoachHub Wellbeing programme are specialists in wellbeing provision, with many holding advanced counselling or therapy qualifications. CoachHub’s proprietary AI technology matches each participant with the best coach for their individual needs, ensuring that all support is implicitly tailored and personalised.

CoachHub’s global reach ensures that multilingual sessions can be offered across markets; with 2,500+ certified business coaches in 60 countries, operating across six continents and in over 50 languages.

Where required, participants can also be matched specifically with coaches specialising in D&I support.
Coachees work with their coach via bi-weekly sessions, focusing on topics such as emotional resilience, compassionate leadership, and stress management, as required by the individual.

The self-directed learning approach is designed to empower the coachee to help themselves and realise their full potential. It incorporates positive psychology methods to strengthen existing skills and attributes.

Anonymised analytics

So as to overcome any qualms that employees might have about disclosure, confidentiality is at the core of CoachHub Wellbeing. Employees can speak freely in the knowledge that coaches are independent of their organisation, whilst the company can receive fully anonymised aggregate data for use in examining and improving the overall mental health of their teams.

The programme also provides a broad library of accompanying materials to support the coachee’s ongoing mental health development, including micro learnings, group discussion circles, and webinars.

Yannis Niebelschütz, co-founder and CEO of CoachHub, said: “The past year has seen a much-needed increase in recognising the importance of supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. With the launch of CoachHub Wellbeing, we’re meeting the skyrocketing demand for personalised, tailored, and ongoing mental wellbeing training, with a focus on empowering coachees with the tools for self-sufficient growth and development. We are excited to be part of the journey towards improving mental health for the leaders of the future.”

Professor Jonathan Passmore, leading coaching psychologist, researcher and author, said,
“Scientific research has consistently proven the positive impact of coaching for individuals. During periods of organisational change or simply as part creating healthier workplaces, companies should leverage wellbeing coaching to help staff cope with the challenges of change, and enable their staff to deliver to their best. As we begin the return to the office, employers should be planning how they can leverage coaching to support staff through this transition and to flourish in the new normal.”

You will be able to find out more about CoachHub at the MAD World Summit on 21 October in-person, in London, where they will be joining the event as a Gold Sponsor.

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