@MAD World Summit: Fertility And Menopause – How Personalised Support Drives Inclusion In The Workplace

Fertility challenges can affect anyone: men, women, same sex couples, single people and single parents – and are likely to be affecting a significant number of employees in every organisation. Crucially, 90% of individuals with fertility problems experience some level of depression, and 88% of workers would consider changing jobs for fertility benefits.

At the same time, people of menopausal age are the fastest growing workforce demographic in the UK and as many as 47% of the UK workforce will go through the menopause during their working lives.

Considering these striking statistics, it’s not surprising that, as the stigma around these previously taboo topics starts to ease, fertility and menopause are both hot topics in workplace wellbeing.

But how do you meet the increasing demand for personalised support around these issues without making people feel singled out? With diversity, equality and inclusion high on employers’ agendas, is it possible to meet these needs in a way that reinforces belonging?

Employers who want to find out how fertility and menopause support can empower your people and help you to achieve your diversity and inclusion goals can join a breakfast briefing sponsored by Peppy, in-person at this year’s MAD World Summit on 21st October.

The briefing will be led by a Peppy’s co-founder, Max Landry and also includes a case study from Caroline Jordan, Benefits Director, UK & Ireland, Marsh McLennan – who launched specialist menopause, fertility and early parenthood support for all employees with Peppy in September.

If you are an employer with more than 500 employees and you would like to attend the breakfast briefing, please contact me at [email protected] so that I can reserve a space for you.

MAD stands for Make A Difference. Peppy are a Silver Sponsors of the MAD World Summit.

You can find out more details about the fourth annual MAD World Summit here.

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