Think Tank@MADWorld: Impact Of New Business Index For Health

Business for Health (B4H) and the Confederation of Business Industry (CBI) are engaging the business community to design a Business Index to measure business contribution to health and promote the role of business in creating a healthier nation – recognising that health is the foundation for wellbeing and economic growth.

Building on CBI’s report, Seize the Moment: How Can Business Transform the UK Economy, B4H and the CBI are working together to provide practical ‘how to’ information to help businesses improve their contribution to population health and get ‘Health’ into ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) frameworks to guide innovation and investment in sustainable health.

Matthew Fell, CBI’s Director of Policy, says: ‘Creating a healthier nation is one of the six business-led opportunities our ‘Seize the Moment’ report identified.  Business can enable millions of employees to gain greater resilience, wellbeing and opportunities at work, and lead broader transformation that will not only benefit them, but also local communities and our nation as a whole.’

John Godfrey, Chair of B4H, adds: “B4H is pleased to be working with the CBI.  It is in businesses’ interests to support a healthier population; for almost every sector, achieving better population health creates opportunities and drives economic activity.  What we are trying to do with the B4H Business Index is to develop some of the metrics, because what gets measured gets done and we want to help business on this journey’.

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, concludes: “COVID-19 has highlighted that population health is a critical issue for business. There are opportunities to make our nation healthier and more resilient and business has an important role in this. So, I warmly welcome this new initiative by the CBI and Business for Health.”

Business Index for Health @ MADWorld Summit

If you want to find out what the Business Index for Health means for your people, your business and your mental health and wellbeing initiatives, you can join the Think Tank session at this year’s in-person MADWorld Summit on 21st October in Central London.

The Think Tank will be introduced and facilitated by John Godfrey, who as well as being Chair of B4H is Director of Corporate Affairs with Legal and General and Tina Woods. Tina is Co-founder & CEO of B4H as well as being the Co-founder & Director of the APPG for Longevity.

In a closed-door setting to encourage open discussion, the Think Tank will explore:

  • The CBI states that 10-20% of the disease burden on the health and care system can be addressed through health interventions by businesses (particularly in the areas of musculoskeletal conditions and mental health).  How can the business sector make sure it can achieve this impact?
  • What will good look like in the next 3-5 years in workplace health?  How will trends in hybrid working, the gig economy, ageing workforce and technology (like automation) shape best practice ?
  • How can we create a standard for excellence?
  • How can smaller businesses (in the supply chain, in the freelance/sub-contractor sector) be supported to achieve this standard?  What is the role of government?
  • How can we address the behaviour change challenges to maximise employee engagement and achieve better return on investment in employer-provided health & wellbeing programmes?

The Think Tank will take place during the 4th annual MADWorld Summit, from 14.30 – 16.00pm on 21st October at 133 Houndsditch in Central London.

Spaces are limited. If you would like to join this year’s Think Tank discussion, please email [email protected].



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