Tips to avoid poor posture when working from home

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The way we work has changed drastically over the last three years, with 44 per cent of British workers saying they either have a hybrid or fully remote role.

As a result, many people’s working environments differ from the traditional desk in an office, with workers often setting up on dining tables, kitchen counters, or sofa cushions. 

And while it may be more productive for work, these ad hoc working environments can cause postural issues. In fact, online furniture retailer DFS has spotted that searches for ‘back pain causes’ have surged by 179% this year. 

Tips to avoid serious working from home posture problems

That’s why DFS has partnered with Dr Laura Knowles, chiropractor and posture expert, who has shared her top tips to avoid serious posture problems when working from home. 

Dr Laura Knowles explains: 

“While in general, a more ergonomic setup is ideal,with the increased trend of working from home, the occasional sofa stint is inevitable. As a result, our main area of focus is laptop positioning.  

“As with all screen use, we should aim to keep the top of the device in line with our eyes, where possible. It has been found that for every inch the head shifts forward in posture, the weight of the head on the neck increases by almost 5kg. So, if you are looking down at your laptop or notebook when on the sofa, you could be adding a significant amount of extra stress on your upper back, shoulders, and neck. 

“Using pillows stacked on your lap can help bridge this gap. In addition, adding a cushion for neck support will reduce the desire to strain the head downwards. If you do spend prolonged stints lounging on the sofa during meetings, make sure to break it up with regular movement. Setting an alert on your phone every 30 minutes will remind you to get up, stretch, and get the blood flowing again!” 

For more tips on protecting your neck and back while on the sofa, visit DFS’ Perfect your Posture guide. 

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