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Emvitals: 4 Essential Strategies for 2021


Prior to the onset of the pandemic, employers were already recognizing that traditional approaches to mental health issues in the workplace, such as employee assistance programs, weren’t working. These programs can be effective if accessed early enough – but many workers either weren’t using them at all or didn’t access them until their situation was more urgent than a reactive system could handle.

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly and drastically increased the prevalence and intensity of mental health conditions. The risks for experiencing anxiety and depression grew 300% and 400%, respectively since 2019.

The World Health Organization estimates an additional 8,000 suicides in 2020 were due to the financial effects of COVID-19.

As the secondary impacts of COVID-19 continue to emerge, strengthening and maintaining the emotional health of your workforce becomes essential to their health, safety and productivity.

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