Lunch & Learn Webinar: From Resilience to Wesilience: Building and anchoring human centric resilience skills at scale

5 Jul 2023 - 12:30 PM

This webinar has now taken place and can be viewed above.

View pdf of slides shown during the webinar.

Many people think that resilience is about endurance or that it is the responsibility of someone else – the employee, the wellbeing department, the leaders. 

In this webinar review the evidence that resilience is a set of skills and competencies, which individuals, teams and organisations can develop.  

In discussion with Stefan Tügend from Novartis we will share insights into how to assess and build resilience skills, which particular skills are most relevant for which types of stress, and the time it takes for people to make measurable progress in shifting their resilience. 

Join us for this interactive webinar to gain insights and have your questions answered on:

> How to help people understand their resilience skills, including insight into a typical distribution of such skills in a population
> Where it is most effective to help individuals build their skills or where there needs to be an organisational intervention to shift the stress people are exposed to
> Which resilience skills have the greatest impact on reducing stress and which often need to be prioritised
> How keystone habits can help anchor resilience in teams or organisations

Including Insights from: 

> Chris Tamdjidi, Managing Director and Co-founder, Awaris
> Stefan Tügend, Global Senior Communities and Engagement Director, Novartis

The content is designed for:

> HR Leaders
> Talent & Engagement Leaders
> Wellbeing Champions
> Team leaders
> Learning and development directors

We look forward to seeing you there. If you can’t make the date/time, go ahead and register anyway and we’ll send you the recording a few days after the session.

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