Podcasts from Truthsayers®

Pioneering neurotech company Truthsayers® has produced a series of videos and podcasts which can be accessed free of charge here:


Featured topics include:

  • Assessing Stress in the Workplace, Part 1 of a conversation with Marc Caulfield, CEO Demolish the Wall
  • The disparity between what people say and what people feel, Part 2 of a conversation with Marc Caulfield, CEO Demolish the Wall
  • Pre-empting mental health issues in the workplace, Part 3 of a conversation with Marc Caulfield, CEO Demolish the Wall
  • Mental Health in the Workplace – the Legal Responsibilities in conversation with Jo Boyle, FootAnstey LLP

Recently released is a three-part podcast/videocast with Jeff Fox, Principal at Aon on the topics of:

  1. New Methods being using in Business to Gather Data
  2. Using Agile Tools to Improve Resilience
  3. How to Inclusively support a diverse workforce

Soon to be released recordings include:

  • Andy Dean talks to Dr Alastair Goode, Cognitive Scientist who is one of the world’s foremost experts in implicit testing
  • Simon Stapleton talks to Paul Anderson Walsh, The Centre for Inclusive Leadership about conscious bias

All podcasts/videocasts are available free at: https://truthsayers.io/truthsayers-neurocast/






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