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Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing: Building resilient organisations Wraw Accreditation for people professionals

19th November 2020

Resilience and wellbeing are rising up the strategic agenda, and organisations are looking to their HR and L&D teams to lead the way. With Wraw accreditation you gain the expert knowledge and skills to meet this challenge and take a leading role in driving the wellbeing and resilience of your organisation.

Join Desiree Ashton, Head of the Wraw Academy, on Thursday 19th November and discover:

  • Wraw: The world’s first psychometric tool and survey to measure resilience
  • The business case for resilience and wellbeing
  • Building a data-driven wellbeing strategy with Wraw
  • A top-down, bottom-up approach to creating a culture of wellbeing
  • Accreditation options for in-house teams


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