From surviving to thriving: Building a resilient business

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Building business resilience starts with creating the right culture for your workforce, according to the latest insights from independent professional services consultancy Barnett Waddingham (BW).

In-depth research by BW concludes ‘people risk’ – the financial or human risks associated with poor employee relationships – is a real and uncertain thing. Yet supporting employees to build a culture of resilience in the workforce is crucial if you want to build a robust, sustainable business that can develop and thrive.

Responsibility for organisational culture starts in the boardroom

A sustainable business built on resilience will be better able to deal with times of stress and have a sound future based on firm foundations. And it must become self-sustaining – so normal you don’t even think about it – and part of your DNA as an employer.

The responsibility for nurturing such a culture must start at the top with the board and senior executives.

Since the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic, building employee resilience and, in turn, business resilience have moved up the board’s agenda. Many employees have reappraised their expectations of working life and decided to make permanent changes to their work life/balance.

One-third of workers have changed jobs up to two times in the past two years, with a further 10% changing employers between three and five times. 

Research considers influence of the C-suite

We know happy and fulfilled workers are more engaged and productive – a core element of a resilient business. But how can the C-suite influence this beyond financial incentives? 

BW’s research considers key issues including:

• the post-pandemic needs of employees;

• building resilience in your workforce;

• creating a strong workplace community; and

• unifying business objectives and culture through leadership.

Read the full report and access further insights for business leaders from BW at  

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