Report Round-up Featuring Decathlon, WorkBuzz And Fingerprint For Success

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As a new feature to the Make A Difference website, we’re collating a report roundup to give back to our readers, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest findings within the workplace wellbeing space.

Report: Employee engagement has declined by 50% in organisations with no D&I initiative, WorkBuzz

According to the “The State of Employee Engagement” report by WorkBuzz, organisations that haven’t yet started to invest in equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDIB) have reported a 50% decline in employee engagement over the past 12 months.

The report also found that the companies progressing EDIB initiatives have higher employee engagement levels, and the further along the EDIB journey an organisation is, the more likely they are to say that employee engagement has increased.

Steven Frost, founder and CEO of WorkBuzz, says: “This research suggests that inclusive cultures create more positive employee experiences which directly impact engagement levels.

“Organisations that aren’t making efforts to nurture an environment of belonging for all, are damaging employee relations which in turn impacts organisational culture, wellbeing, and staff turnover.”

Guide: A guide to workplace bullying in 2021, Fingerprint For Success

This guide provides employers and employees alike with statistics on workplace bullying, real-time examples of the behaviours associated with it and what managers and employees can do.

Workplace bullying can affect wellbeing in many different ways, as Fingerprint For Success explains here:

“Bullying can cause trust issues within your teams, too; not just directly between the bully and the bullied employee, but across the organization, fostering a culture of secrecy, gossip, and paranoia if left unchecked.

“There’s also a measurable financial cost to bullying. If staff leave due to being bullied, there are the obvious costs of replacing them and training new staff.

“But there’s also the possibility of dealing with costly legal action if things get to a certain point, too. And higher incidences of sick leave and lower productivity will have a financial impact, as well.

“No matter how competitive and high-pressure your work culture is, when positive aggression tips over into harmful bullying, you have to act quickly and decisively to stamp it out.”

Report: Physical activity most effective way to improve mental health, Decathlon UK

Research reveals that getting active is the most effective way to start and maintain good mental health levels from January and throughout the year. The most noticeable effect reported specifically in winter months.

People who increase their rate of physical activity, even if it is only a marginal change, report a significant increase in their wellbeing.

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The change brought about by increased physical activity was greater than that of other lifestyle changes, such as more money, increased socialising or starting a new hobby or interest.

This insight could be helpful for employers struggling to engage employees with wellbeing initiatives linked to physical exercise.

Find out more information about the research here. 


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