Aon create a practical guide to help HR navigate ESG and build resilience

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Organisations are showing an increased focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics and there is a growing opportunity for HR functions to support their organisations in achieving their ESG goals.

Recognising that the benefits are wide-reaching and can help companies improve the wellbeing and growth of their people, attract and retain top talent and strengthen their performance, Aon has created a practical Navigating ESG eBook outlining:

  • The positive impact ESG can have on your business
  • The eight questions HR should consider to transform your ESG approach – including looking at whether your policies covering topics such as flexible working, mental health support, pay and continuous learning are consistent with and adequately integrate your ESG objectives
  • How ESG can be embedded into your people strategy 
  • How to deliver a positive impact at both an individual and corporate level
  • Aon’s recommended actions for improving your approach

You can find out more and download Aon’s Navigating ESG eBook here.

Aon believes it is also important to measure how your employees really feel about your ESG record and whether they believe your ESG strategy aligns with their personal attitudes, beliefs and principles.

Aon’s Reflection tool uses data capture technology and technical expertise to measure responses in the non-conscious brain, to understand real drivers so HR professionals can focus on what really motivates and matters to their people.  



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27 May 2024

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