Cultivating a Vibrant Workplace: Benholm Group’s green touch at the Student Loans Company’s new Glasgow headquarters

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In a monumental move for the Student Loans Company (SLC), 2024 marked the commencement of operations in its state-of-the-art headquarters at Buchanan Wharf, underscoring its enduring commitment to Glasgow and Scotland. Having been rooted in Bothwell Street for over three decades, over 1,000 colleagues now call the new six-storey, 75,000 sq. ft headquarters on the Clydeside home, representing the final chapter of the impressive Buchanan Wharf development.

This significant investment in a purpose-built space with a 20-year lease is not just a physical relocation; it’s a strategic investment in fostering collaboration and providing a modern working environment for SLC’s dedicated workforce. At the heart of this transformative move is Benholm Group’s contribution, aimed at enhancing employee wellbeing and reinforcing SLC’s corporate identity.

Crafting a Green Oasis: Benholm Group’s Solution

As you step into the Student Loans Company offices, your gaze is immediately captured by a bespoke living wall meticulously crafted in Benholm’s own greenhouse. This living masterpiece not only showcases the SLC logo but also features an eclectic array of plant species, setting the tone for a workplace that seamlessly integrates nature and design.

Throughout the reception seating areas and across the upper floors, handmade planters made from high-quality Fiberstone take centre stage. Lightweight, UV-resistant, and boasting a natural finish, each planter is fitted with Benholm’s bespoke watering system, ensuring the longevity and vitality of the carefully selected plant species. Scottish stone cobbles adorn the planters, creating a harmonious blend of nature and Scottish aesthetics.

The plant selection, inspired by NASA’s Clean Air Study, includes noteworthy species such as the Caryota Mitis, Dracaena Janet Craig Carousel, Philodendron Congo – Philodendron Imperial Green, and Kentia Palm. These plants not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also promote a healthier indoor environment, embodying Benholm’s commitment to creating spaces that foster both physical and mental well-being.

Benholm Group’s green touch extends beyond traditional planters – even the existing furniture receives a green makeover. Long, trailing faux foliage adorns the ‘Moment’ canopies, while existing Orangebox mobile planter units are transformed with an enchanting mix of large-leafed Aglaonema plants, adding a touch of nature to every corner.

Nurturing Nature: The Results Speak for Themselves

Benholm Group’s skilled Maintenance Technicians are entrusted with the ongoing care of the greenery, ensuring each floor remains vibrant and healthy. The result is a workplace that not only promotes well-being and creativity but also fosters a genuine connection to nature.

The completion of the Student Loans Company, Glasgow building stands as the final piece in the Buchanan Wharf puzzle, solidifying its status as one of Scotland’s largest development projects. WiredScore platinum rating for digital connectivity and the pursuit of BREEAM Excellent certification further validate the commitment to excellence in design, sustainability, and employee satisfaction.

“The biophilia installation in our Town Hall, Café, and colleague break-out area has significantly enhanced the ground floor space. Benholm carefully selected plant species to not only improve air quality but also offer privacy and natural screening. Since the installation, we’ve witnessed an immediate increase in usage, with colleagues gravitating towards the space within hours. SLC is delighted with the contract provided by Benholm”.

Anne Marie McGrath, Senior Estates Project Manager, Student Loans Company

By seamlessly integrating greenery into the workplace, Benholm Group has proven that the addition of plants goes beyond aesthetics; it transforms the entire work environment within just a few hours. For businesses considering their next office project, the message is clear – a touch of green can lead to a profound transformation.

Visit Benholm Group at The Office event at The Watercooler to discuss your next project and experience the transformative power of plants in your workspace.

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