Leading voices tell us why now is the perfect time for The Office Event

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Ahead of The Office, our inaugural sister exhibition with free-to-attend education programme – taking place alongside The Watercooler on 23rd & 24th April at ExCel in London – we asked leading suppliers to tell us why now is the perfect time for this forward-thinking event and what they’re looking forward to.

This is what they told us:

ART Health GroupContent Partner

In today’s fast-changing business world, we often find ourselves with more questions than answers:

  • How can we create a hybrid work strategy that balances productivity and employee satisfaction?
  • How can we design our spaces to attract and keep talented employees?
  • What’s the best way to return to the office confidently?

These are just a few of the many challenges we face. But the biggest question is: How do we succeed when everything around us is constantly changing? We know employers want to do more than just keep up. They want to lead from the front by creating a positive and impactful environment.

We’re looking forward to sharing how we’ve assisted global organisations in securing their future investments in the workplace, enhancing their teams’ skills and fostering a happier, healthier and more production work environment.


With the rise of hybrid working models being adopted by businesses, the timing couldn’t be better. As specialists in corporate office Facilities Management (FM), we are equipped to assist clients in navigating their hybrid working models and elevating the overall workplace experience. We are keen to connect with prospective clients who are committed to enhancing their workplace environment, aiming to attract and retain top talent


With so many workplace teams wrestling with a number of challenges it’s crucial that they have data at their disposal that doesn’t just show them what is happening in their workplaces but also WHY. We’ll be at the show looking to talk to organisations about how they measure workplace experience.

Current approaches to employee feedback can only get you so far. So, we’ll be showcasing our cutting edge, AI powered, free-text analysis software which allows data to be categorised against our peer-reviewed Workplace Mix framework, assessed for sentiment, mined for key topics and sorted for suggestions from the workforce.

Benholm Group – Official Workplace Planting Partner

Benholm Group are thrilled to be a part of The Office event during The Watercooler, reaffirming our commitment to supporting vibrant and healthy workplaces. As both a supplier and exhibitor, we look forward to showcasing our creative planting solutions as part of biophilic design.

Our aim is to help businesses understand that fostering workplace wellbeing is not just a trend – its an investment in the success and happiness of your team. A positive and nurturing work environment, filled with greenery, directly correlates with increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, and lower stress levels.

We’re excited about the chance to showcase the power of plants in creating inviting and distinctive work spaces – we can’t wait to see you all there!” 


According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2023, 44% of UK workers currently work in some form of remote capacity. 16% were full-time remote workers and 28% were hybrid workers who split their time between office and home-based work.

The Office event provides a timely opportunity for us to speak with organisations about the home, office and working practices and we look forward to explaining how we can help them to minimise their Display, Screen, Equipment (DSE) compliance risk and maintain a health workforce.

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InteractionWorkshop Partner

Employee expectations have drastically changed and organisations need to move quickly to keep up. 

When thoughtfully designed, an office can aid recruitment, harness innovation, create a community and bulletproof an organisation’s culture. People won’t settle for anything less than a great employee experience, even if they’re only in the office a couple of days a week – the days of the uninspiring office are numbered. 

Yet many companies are still struggling to figure out the role their workplace plays for them, and how to maximise its impact on both their people and culture in a hybrid world. Through our “Sustainable spaces, happy faces” workshop and stand, we’ll be helping organisations to figure out how to make their workplace become the beating heart of their business. 

MyCoocoon – Workshop Partner

In a world where mental health and wellbeing are paramount and the prioritisation of the human experience is key, people are looking for transformative experiences. By incorporating colour as an emotional and psychological tool, organisations can enhance the effectiveness and interpretability of MI metrics: from improving employee wellbeing to making data-driven decisions more intuitive and impactful.

We are looking forward to showcasing in our workshop how “Colour in Action” can enhance wellbeing and foster togetherness. We’ll also be inviting everyone to have a sensory reset on our stand.

OBO Live – Founding Event Supporter

As the world of work continues to be in the spotlight, The Office Event will provide a perfect forum for the exchange of data-driven information and inspirational thinking.


While initially a key focus following the pandemic, the return to office is now seen as a standard expectation rather than as a strategic catalyst, with the focus now shifting to the creation of environments that drive business objectives above all else—whether that be revenue, brand elevation or talent attraction.

The right workplace design can significantly move the needle on those objectives, but it’s essential to understand that it’s part of a larger ecosystem. This ecosystem includes a balanced investment in the workforce, the adoption of suitable technologies and the creation of spaces that encourage productivity and wellbeing.

A high-performance workplace is characterised by its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the business and its employees, supporting them in achieving the company’s strategic goals. Work environments now need to not only meet the functional requirements of work but also elevate the human experience, driving towards a future where the office is not just places of work, but a catalyst for growth and innovation.

We are looking forward to meeting buyers who see the value in a thoughtfully-designed workplace that nurtures the productivity and wellbeing of staff; helping them to elevate their employees’ workplace experience.

Peldon Rose

Over the last few years, we’ve continued to redefine the role that ‘The Office’ plays in our working lives and wider society. As we head into 2024, there are still so many interesting conversations taking place.

As workplace strategists and office design experts, we’re excited to be leading the conversation and look forward to connecting with businesses who want to harness the power of the workplace to deliver exceptional experiences for their people, while unlocking business performance.


This is the first time ever that Peloton is launching Corporate Wellbeing benefits at a trade show and we are very excited to meet clients from all industries. Whether you’re looking to create attractive office spaces for your employees or you’re adding unique wellbeing benefits into your employee offerings through the game-changing Peloton products and experience!

You can find out more and register to attend The Office Event here.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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