Benholm enhance workplace wellbeing at Avison Young Manchester office

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In the bustling heart of Manchester, Avison Young, a global commercial real estate company, commissioned a brand-new office space and tasked commercial plant designers, Benholm Group, to
help create a sustainable office which promotes wellbeing in the workplace.

The Brief:

The vision was clear: create a workspace that not only reflects Avison Young’s commitment to sustainability but also prioritises the well-being of its workforce. With BREEAM Excellent and SKA Gold certifications in mind, the task was to craft an environment that harmonised with nature while promoting collaboration and relaxation.

Chris Cheap, Managing Director, UK Regions, Avison Young explains: “Manchester has always been an important city for Avison Young, we’ve got deep roots here so when the opportunity to relocate came up we needed to think carefully about the environment we chose. We had to choose an environment where we created an experience for our people, gave us the platform to fulfil our potential and serve our clients”

The Solution:

The design seamlessly blends formal and informal working areas, providing a variety of spaces to cater to different work styles. From cosy breakout zones to spacious collaboration areas, every corner of the office encourages productivity and creativity. Over 160 real plants adorn the space, breathing life into the environment and reducing stress levels among employees.

Afton Montgomery, Associate Director of Building Consultancy at Avison Young, highlighted the intentional inclusion of greenery to support neurodivergent employees, acknowledging the positive impact it has on staff retention and attraction. The design aimed to create a hub where employees could relax, socialise, and work comfortably away from their desks, fostering a sense of community within the workplace.

He explained: “We included a lot of planting and greenery throughout the office because it’s shown to have a lot of benefits for staff wellbeing, it reduces stress and increases productivity by up to 15%. The ethos behind the design was to create a series of spaces where you can relax, it’s comfortable, you can socially interact with colleagues”.

The Results:

The efforts culminated in Avison Young’s offices being recognised as the best new build outside of central London. The company now boasts a workspace that is not only future-ready but also engaging and experiential. Fergus Lowry, Associate Director at Avison Young, praised the installation of an olive tree as a highlight of the project, emphasising the positive feedback received from employees since moving into the space.

About Benholm Group:

At Benholm Group, we understand the transformative power of biophilic design in corporate settings. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped numerous clients enhance their office spaces through the strategic incorporation of greenery. If you’re looking to create a workspace that inspires creativity, fosters well-being, and promotes sustainability, we’re here to help. Explore our portfolio of corporate projects or reach out to us to learn more about how we can transform your space into a vibrant oasis of productivity and positivity. Let’s bring the outdoors in and revolutionise your workplace experience today.

Visit Benholm Group at The Office event at The Watercooler on 23rd & 24th April at ExCel, London.

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