Technology is the cornerstone of workspace selection

Hosting services in our cloud community create a technology workspace that agile teams through tech coworking spaces

How many times have you been frustrated by poor technology at work?

Speaking at our MAD World Summit a couple of years ago, Paul Caudwell – who was then Wellbeing and Benefits Manager with Co-op – told the audience that from his experience, ineffective technology is often a key factor undermining employees’ wellbeing at work.

This has become even more important since the widespread adoption of remote and flexible working – which is reliant on technology.

Our own Editorial and Events Assistant, Manon Boucheny, also emphasised in her article focused on Gen Z’s take on Disability, Welbeing and the Workplace, that having up to date technology is increasingly viewed as non-negotiable by next generation employees.

Technology driving decisions more than price around which work spaces employers choose

So it’s interesting to see that a new survey from NCG of 1,002 senior decision-makers within UK businesses has found that over a quarter (31%) of senior decision-makers within UK businesses view the technology available in a flexible workspace as the most important factor in their choice, above the 25% who say price was the top consideration.

Events and networking opportunities (31%) and design and quality of the fit-out (28%) also proved more important than price.

The digital infrastructure specialist commissioned an independent, nationally representative survey of 1,002 senior decision-makers within UK businesses. The survey found that over half (55%) of businesses agree they would pay a premium for a top-quality workspace.

Moving beyond tech failures

However, while technology ranks higher on businesses’ wishlists than a low price, only 10% of respondents say the overall tech offering within their workspace is ‘very good’. Meanwhile, 50% say the tech in their workspace regularly fails.

Of the businesses that describe their workspace’s tech offering as ‘very good’, only 57% are considering moving to a new workspace; 19% below the average.

Thomas Proctor, CEO of NCG, said: “While many UK businesses clearly place a high value on workspace technology, the service they are receiving is not meeting their expectations.

“The data shows that flexible workspaces still have a considerable amount of ground to make up to meet the growing demand for top-quality technology that is essential for UK businesses. Landlords and flex operators need to realise that in the world of flexible and hybrid working, first-class technology is not an area that can be treated as a luxury item or a cost-saving measure.

“The flexible workspace industry must embrace modern technology and ensure their clients get the service they and their businesses demand. By collaborating with technology and integration experts, landlords and operators can bring their spaces into the modern world and be at the forefront of modern working.”

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