5 Most Read Articles on Workplace Culture, Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Make A Difference News we’re constantly scouring the globe for great case studies, profile interviews, innovations and reports.

Over the past three months, when we’ve all been grappling with the upheaval caused by COVID-19, we’ve highlighted some of the most progressive leaders and companies supporting employee wellbeing globally today. We’ve also recognised and offered solutions for some of the wellbeing challenges workplaces are still facing.

Here are the 5 most popular articles that we’ve published since the pandemic took hold. Which have you found the most inspiring and useful?

1. Kamel Hothi, OBE: How to Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Dr. Kamel Hothi, OBE has been ranked in the top 100 most influential black, Asian and minority ethnics leaders in the UK by the Financial Times and others.

For Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Heather Kelly was honoured to share a very honest conversation with Kamel. In this exclusive interview for Make a Difference News, Kamel opened up about how she’s broken one glass ceiling after another as a minority senior global female business executive, as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and social changemaker– and also about the personal hardships she’s endured along the way.

2. Don’t Waste A Good Crisis: Interview with Sir Ian Cheshire, Chairman, Barclays UK

Make sure mental health and wellbeing are built into your recovery plans. This message came through loud and clear from my interview with Sir Ian Cheshire; a hugely respected business leader who, when it comes to workplace mental health and wellbeing, is leading the shift from stigma to solutions.

Sir Ian spoke to me working from his home on the Isle of Wight, five weeks into lockdown. Whilst the Solent was tranquil and blue, the storm of Covid-19 raged. Sir Ian shared compelling insights into how the coronavirus pandemic has changed C-suite perspectives, tips for talking to both the CEO and global colleagues about mental wellbeing, his own experiences of lockdown and his call to action.

3. Global Bank, Citi on How They’ve Made LGBT+ Inclusion & Mental Health Core Business Agendas

Citi is an award-winning global employer in its commitment to diversity and inclusion, with valuable learning other companies can gain in understanding how they approach their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda.

For our Pride issue, Heather Kelly had the opportunity to interview Citi’s Bob Annibale who takes us inside the multi-national employer’s D&I success story.  Bob is Global Director, Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance & Global Director, Citi Pride Affinity Co-Lead.

4. Making Mental Health First Aid Work

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If you’ve invested in mental health first aid training for employees or are considering doing this, you’re not alone. Mental health first aiders have become some of the most impactful agents of change toward improving workplace wellbeing globally. But their roles can be emotionally challenging at times, which is where Red Umbrella comes in.

We interviewed Red Umbrella’s Managing Director, Tim Ladd about the company’s work helping employers to empower and provide support to their mental health responders and wellbeing champions so they can stay well themselves, whilst helping others.

5. Flatten the Stress Curve: Design Elements to Mediate Stress Upon Return-To-Work

Workplaces are facing many new challenges – not only to keep colleagues safe, but to completely rethink how to nurture wellbeing inside workspaces again.

In his insightful article, Dr. Mike O’Neill, Director of the Global Workplace Research, and NA Workplace Strategy departments for Haworth, Inc. offers suggestions on ways employers can introduce simple wellbeing design elements to reduce stress as employees return to the workplace.

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