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Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re reassessing your existing strategy and toolkit of benefits and initiatives to support employee mental health and wellbeing (including financial wellbeing). The MAD World Summit and the co-located DE&I Symposium are the perfect opportunity to compare what’s on offer and find the right fit for your people and your organisation’s needs.

Here, we’re shining a spotlight on the event’s Headline, Gold and Silver sponsors; the perspectives they’ll be sharing, what you can expect to learn from them and what they’re looking forward to.

Calm Business is Headline Sponsor

From the “Future of work” opening keynote session to a stress & burnout roundtable discussion and a track session focused on multigenerational wellbeing and mental health expectations, Calm Business‘s President, Alex Will, and the Calm team are looking forward to sharing ideas and insights on mental wellbeing with other innovative leaders.

The goal is for attendees to walk away with actionable strategies to improve employee mental wellbeing as well as best practices on how to implement effective mental health programmes in the workplace.

Gold sponsors

The Event’s Gold Sponsors (in alphabetical order) are Headspace, Healix Health, Koa Health, Octopus Money, Onebright, Thriiver, Unum and VERCIDA Consulting. This is how they’re each involved:

  • Workplace culture & engagement

As sponsors of the “Workplace culture & engagement” track, Koa Health’s Head of Workplace Psychology, Nicola Hemmings, will be joining the thought-provoking panel Chaired by Nick Pahl, Chief Executive of the Society of Occupational Medicine focused on “wellbeing washing” – what it is, why it matters and how to stop it sabotaging your progress.

Koa Health’s UK Clinical Director, Dr Anna Mandeville, will also be running two early-afternoon roundtable sessions focused on “Personalised mental health: getting employees to the right care at the right time”.

Also sponsoring the “Workplace culture & engagement” track is money advice provider Octopus Money. The continuing cost-of-living crisis means the need to help colleagues deal with and plan for financial challenges is more pressing than ever. Ruth Handcock, CEO of Octopus Money will join a panel of leaders to share thoughts on what we can expect from the next chapter in financial wellbeing as we move beyond perks and benefits as part of a holistic approach. Octopus Money will also be running two early-afternoon roundtable sessions so that attendees can find answers to their specific questions around supporting colleagues’ financial wellbeing.

Octopus Money will also be running two early-afternoon roundtable sessions focused on “Money and mental health in a cost-of-living crisis”.

  • Strategy & leadership

As sponsors of the “Strategy & Leadership” track Headpace’s Mental Health Lead, Dr Sophie Mort will share her perspective as part of a panel focused on embedding wellbeing by shifting from reactive to proactive approaches and future-proofing strategies.  Headspace are also sponsoring our third Make A Difference Leaders’ Lunch at the MAD World Summit. Here we’ll be honing in on how you decide where to prioritise efforts and investment as part of an inclusive approach to wellbeing.

Also sponsoring the Strategy & Leadership track are Onebright, who help organisations to define and implement a comprehensive mental health strategy, deliver evidence-based therapy and bespoke training. Onebright’s Chief Commercial Officer Shamira Graham will join a group panel discussing how businesses should prepare and implement their wellbeing strategy. The session will walk attendees through the steps needed to succeed, including how to start your journey. 

Onebright’s Dr Dan Kolubinski will also be running two early afternoon roundtable sessions focused on ‘Improving workplace mental health awareness’.

  • Prevention & Intervention

Healix Health are sponsors of the “Prevention & Intervention” track. For their session in this track, Healix Health are partnering with their new wellbeing provider, Champion Health. Champion Health will cover the prevention element through their wellbeing platform which empowers employees to take control of their health. Whereas Healix intervenes to provide quick and easy access to care when it’s needed most. Together, they will be presenting a streamlined vision of preventative health and wellbeing at work.

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Healix Health will also be running two early afternoon roundtable sessions focused on “Reasonable adjustments in mental health for neurodiverse employees”. These will be facilitated by Stephen Haynes, Director of Wellbeing, British Safety Council.

Also sponsoring the “Prevention & Intervention” track is employee benefits provider Unum. Their Head of Proposition Development, Saumya Barber, will join Fiona McAslan, Royal Mail Group’s Head of Health & Wellbeing, for a fireside chat to discuss working together to create a health and wellbeing solution that meets employees’ varying requirements. This includes personalisation by segmentation to drive engagement, using innovation in digital healthcare and offering proactive solutions that empower employees.

  • DE&I Symposium

Recognising that effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives cannot exist in isolation from employee wellbeing – and vice versa – new for 2023, this year’s MAD World Summit features the co-located DE&I Symposium. Gold sponsors of the DE&I Symposium are assistive technology, training and coaching provider Thriiver and global inclusion management company VERCIDA Consulting.

VERCIDA Consulting’s Managing Director, Dan Robertson, will kick-start the Symposium with a session focused on the current and future opportunities and challenges for DE&I – including the new business case.

Meanwhile, Thriiver’s Founder and CEO, Lawrence Howard, will join the panel highlighting how leading employers have recognised and are embracing the benefits of having neurodiverse colleagues in the workplace.

Silver sponsors

The Event’s Silver Sponsors (in alphabetical order) are On Wellbeing, SilverCloud® by Amwell® and Unmind. This is how they are each involved:

  • Breakfast briefing

As Silver Sponsors, On Wellbeing will be welcoming early birds to the MAD World Summit’s Breakfast Briefing. The briefing will delve into why there is a lack of “fit” and effectiveness in so many organisational mental health strategies, where the gaps are and what employers can do to address these. On Wellbeing hopes attendees will take away a fresh perspective on mental health in the workplace. One that recognises the need to prioritise individual and accessible skill development as a way to future proof wellbeing.

  • Interactive workshop

As well as keynotes, panel sessions and case studies, the MAD World attendees can choose to attend interactive, partner-led workshops. SilverCloud® by Amwell®’s workshop will be an opportunity to share ideas around next generation mental health, get a glimpse of the future landscape of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and gain an understanding of how organisations need to adapt. The workshop will be facilitated by Alison Bromley, Director of Behavioural Solutions, Amwell®.

  • Deep-dive roundtable discussion

Silver Sponsors Unmind will be facilitating two afternoon roundtable discussions focused on the flow of care and how to spot – and break – barriers to employee wellbeing. Attendees can join this roundtable if they are looking to build a whole-person, whole-organisation approach that embeds a psychologically safe, high-performance culture at every layer of your business – from the CEO to your newest recruits.

The Headline, Gold and Silver sponsors will be joined by a fantastic roster of speakers from a wide range of organisations including: Age UK, BAM UK&I, BBC, Belron, BITC, Britvic, Costain, Deloitte, Dentsu, Easy Jet, EY, First Bus, First Direct, Goldman Sachs, Health Foundation, Heathrow, HSBC, IBM, Ipsos, Jacobs, L’Oreal, Mars, Metro Bank, Microsoft, Mind, National Grid, Novartis, Unipart, Royal Bank of Scotland, Saga, Starbucks, Warner Media and many more

You’ll also be able to compare offerings from other exhibiting suppliers and workshop facilitators, with solutions ranging from cancer support to women’s wellbeing, and ways to support working parents to wearable technology including: ART Health Solutions, Bubble, DOC HQ, FCLabs, Frog Systems, JAAQ at Work, Maximus, Mental Health @ Work, Mercer Marsh Benefits, Mind, Peppy, Perci Health, The Headshot Guy and Welbot. With more to follow.

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, don’t miss out. You can find full details about the MAD World Summit and DE&I Symposium – including the full agendas and details about the sponsors, exhibitors, workshops, roundtables and Think Tanks – and book here.

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