Interactive Webinar: Understanding the Menopause – How Employers Can Help

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This webinar has now taken place but you can get free access to the recording of the session and materials here:

The menopause doesn’t just affect women in the workplace – it impacts everyone, either directly
or indirectly.

The good news is that as the stigma eases around talking about mental health and wellbeing,
people are also starting to be more open about what has traditionally been seen as a taboo
phase of a woman’s life.

But many questions still remain both for individuals and employers.

Menopause is everybody’s business

A staggering 63% of menopausal women say their working life has been negatively impacted by their symptoms according to a recent study of menopause in the workplace.

Employers who want to understand how to support colleagues through the menopause as part of
their approach to inclusion, mental health, wellness and benefits can register for a free to attend
interactive webinar.

This will take place on Tuesday 20th April from 2.00pm – 3.00pm. Make A Difference Media is producing the webinar with the kind support of Vitality and Peppy.

Issues that the webinar will cover include:

  • What the menopause is and how to recognise the symptoms
  • Why employers should care
  • Top tips on how employers can support employees through the menopause
  • How menopause support can fit within a holistic and inclusive approach to workplace wellbeing

The content is designed for Diversity and Inclusion leaders, HR and benefits professionals and
Wellbeing leaders as well as workplace mental health and wellness champions. In other words,
anyone, from any type or size of organisation, who cares about how to support employees
through the menopause.

This webinar has now taken place but you can get free access to the recording of the session and materials here:

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