Psych Health & Safety Podcast With Peter Kelly, Sheila Lord & Claire Farrow


And now for something completely different. Tune in to the most recent episode of the Psych Health & Safety Podcast. In this, the co-hosts, Sheila Lord from BMR Health & Wellbeing and Peter Kelly from the UK Health & Safety Executive interview our very own Director of Content, Claire Farrow. They share ideas around:

  • How well the new ISO 45003 Standard for Psychological Health and Safety is landing and why it is relevant for all organisations – and not just for health and safety professionals.
  • Trends emerging in workplace mental health and wellbeing.
  • The increasing demand for template workplace mental health and wellbeing strategies / frameworks.
  • What made the winners of the inaugural Make A Difference awards stand out.

Well worth a listen, even if we say so ourselves…

You can access the podcast free here.

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