Roundtables @ MADWorld Spotlight: Working Carers, Return-to-Work Anxiety & Peer-to-Peer Networks

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One of the things that attendees love about MADWorld is that it’s a real melting pot for ideas and inspiration. The silos that sometimes exist within organisations, make it difficult to get buy-in across the board. But there are no silos at MADWorld. The Summit attracts attendees with a range of job titles and it’s a great opportunity to get different perspectives.

The roundtables have always been a popular feature of the MADWorld event. They give attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into specific topics and share knowledge in real-time with like-minded peers from an array of different sectors.

Delegates who register for the main event can sign up for the two roundtables they would like to attend when they arrive at the Summit. Spaces are allocated on a first come basis. This year, we’ve expanded this section of the event, with 20 roundtables to make it easier to network, share ideas and experiences.

Full details are here and this is a sneak peek of three of the roundtables:

Approaches to supporting working carers

The need to provide care is likely to affect most of us at some point in our working lives. With an ageing population and people living longer, many employees are finding themselves caring for older, disabled or seriously ill friends or family. An increasing number also fall into the ‘sandwich generation’ (those who care for ageing parents while supporting their own children) and have to juggle parental and caring responsibilities. Furthermore, with paediatricians seeing rises in food restriction disorders and other mental health conditions in children and young people, it’s possible that even more employees will be supporting a vulnerable family member as a result of the pandemic. Join this roundtable to share ideas around:

  • How the pandemic may have impacted working carers
  • Effective approaches to being a carer-friendly workplace

This roundtable will be facilitated by Gabriella Wickes, Wellbeing Lead, Experian

Helping colleagues deal with return-to-work anxiety

As vaccines roll out across the globe, more offices are opening up — or making plans to in the near future. That’s good news for people who are eager to get back to their desks, but what about people who are anxious about returning to the workplace, or feel conflicted? Perhaps they’ve found that they’re happier working at home, feel that they have a better work/life balance, or had a long commute they no longer wish to endure, making the transition back to the physical office a cause of apprehension or ambivalence. Join this roundtable to share thoughts around:

  • How to identify the signs and symptoms of anxiety, and how early recognition is key to managing mental health for hybrid workers
  • How to create a safe space for people to speak about their concerns, and the importance of compassionate, meaningful conversations

This roundtable will be facilitated by Christine Howarth, Client Services & Mental Health Ally, Allen & Overy and Make A Difference 2021 Award Winner and Robyn Vernon- Harcourt, Senior Programme Manager, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal

The power of peer-to-peer networks in employee mental health

Employers are now expected to provide wellbeing benefits to their teams as an essential. However, the traditional tools and solutions that are available often fall short in meeting the range of employee needs and receive lower than expected levels of engagement as a result.

Employees who are seeking mental health support have to grapple with internal stigmas, fear of judgement, and accessibility issues with one-to-one counselling and therapy; Where can they find help outside of working hours and on weekends? Where can they feel safe to open up about their experiences?

Join this roundtable to:

  • Discuss how to effectively utilise peer-to-peer networks in combating stigmas around mental health
  • Identify and minimise the possible risks in supporting employees as they navigate their emotions
  • Understand the importance of having a joined-up ecosystem of wellbeing benefits that will work together to ensure the safety and support of employees

This roundtable will be facilitated by Dr Tim Rogers, Clinical Director, Togetherall

The MAD World Summit is on Thursday 21st October, in-person at 133 Houndsditch in Central London. The Summit is the go-to event for employers who want to Make A Difference to workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. There is more information about the 20 different roundtables at the Summit here. Find more information about the event agenda or to book visit the booking page.

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