Tackling Menopause in the Modern Workplace

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Menopause is undeniably a hot topic. It’s one that we’ve covered regularly on www.makeadifference.media and it’s an issue that our sister event The Watercooler will be honing in on next week too.

The rising significance of menopause in the workplace

As stigma around the menopause continues to ease, more and more employers are recognising that there is much they can do to support colleagues through this stage of life.

The recently updated guidance around what the Equalities Act could mean for menopause and disability potentially adds teeth to good intentions.

Under the Equality Act 2010, workers are safeguarded from discrimination based on protected characteristics such as disability, age, and sex. If menopause symptoms significantly hinder a woman’s daily activities, they may be considered a disability, compelling employers to make reasonable accommodations and avoid discrimination. Menopausal women are also shielded from age and sex-related discrimination, as well as harassment and victimisation.

Health and safety laws also require employers to assess workplace risks, acknowledging the impact of menopause on workforce wellbeing.

Sky News highlight, that menopause symptoms have driven one in ten women out of their jobs, underlining the urgent need for supportive workplace environments. Studies further reveal that two-thirds of working women aged 40 to 60 with menopausal symptoms have experienced adverse effects at work.

Menopause at The Watercooler

Menopause featured strongly on the agenda at The Watercooler in 2023 when Natalie Beresford, former Detective Inspector and Chair of the Menopause Action Group at Thames Valley Police, shared her candid journey of how the menopause disrupted her career and personal life.

At this year’s The Watercooler Event, the agenda is moving from talk to action. Conference sessions, workshops and exhibitors will help employers attending the event find the best approach to providing menopause support for colleagues.

One of these is Managing the Menopause, who will be offering workshops, webinars and Ask the GP sessions. Visitors can sign up for their newsletter and receive a free ‘menopause-friendly workplaces’ checklist, with five new subscribers standing a chance to win a license for their Demystifying Menopause for Line Managers online course. Attendees will also be able to benefit from an exclusive discount by booking sessions before May 15th.

The Watercooler Event is taking place at Excel in London on 23rd & 24th April. You can find out more about the exhibition and free to attend conference sessions and register here.

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