Wellbeing Starts at the Top: Leadership’s Ripple Effect

Cheryl liew

We are all human – we have our ups and downs.

However, as a leader, how you deal with your challenges and manage your good days and bad days has a ripple effect on your talent. Your actions and your choices set the example and tone for your employees.

Leaders who are over exhausted or burned out themselves open the door for dysfunctional workplace dynamics to emerge, including limited ability to think creatively and develop innovative solutions and the risk of impacting employees’ work experience and stress levels, according to a Mercer report[1].

Without consciously taking the time to look after your wellbeing, your talent will not either. And when leaders are not well, everyone suffers.

Everyone’s lives have been disrupted by COVID-19, and a whole host of new problems have arisen. Working parents are struggling with childcare while people living alone are facing loneliness, not to mention the frontline workers and patients with their daily sacrifices fighting the pandemic. But above all, more than ever is the persistent fear and uncertainty of what the future will hold.

During times of instability, we all look to trusted leaders for guidance and safety. But for leaders, that means additional pressures to guide your followers through choppy waters – all while managing the disruptions on a personal level.

Leadership during smooth sailing times is already a juggling act – after all, reaching a leadership position is the result of dedicated work. However, it is during difficult times that wellbeing takes precedence, for only a calm and resilient leader can be trusted to bring back some level of support and guidance while everything else seems uncertain.

Therefore, it is the most difficult and challenging times that present the golden opportunities to become a better leader and to build resilience so you can be ready to take on the next challenge, no matter what it brings.

This is why Make A Difference Asia has curated a C-suite focused event because we know that workplace wellbeing starts at the top.

With a variety of organizations across different industries sharing their experiences, you can learn the latest insight from research and development along with best practices.

MAD Asia also shares practical and actionable solutions to implement in the workplace with a special focus on prevention strategies. The new business connections you foster at Make A Difference bring leaders together with experts to aid effective implementation.

Above all, you will leave with the knowledge that business leaders can make a real difference to their employees.

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[1] Hyland, P., PhD. (2017). Leadership, stress, and the importance of self-care. Retrieved 2020, from https://www.mercer.com/our-thinking/career/voice-on-talent/leadership-stress-and-the-importance-of-self-care.html


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