Online Workshop: How to Inclusively Support the Wellbeing of Neurodiverse Colleagues

This webinar has now taken place but you can get free access to the recording of the session and materials here:

2020 is behind us. But what will 2021 bring? As we settle back to work and prepare for the next wave of change, it’s essential that leaders know how to inclusively support the wellbeing of neurodiverse colleagues.

Employers are increasingly recognising the strengths and skills associated with neurodevelopmental conditions such as dyslexia, autism or ADHD. Yet many don’t realise that people who are neurodiverse are also statistically far more likely than the rest of the population to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Crucially, UK companies are legally obliged according to the Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for people with disabilities – an area that neurodiversity falls under according to the legislation.

Interactive online neurodiversity workshop

Employers who want to understand how to support neurodiverse colleagues as part of their approach to inclusion, mental health and wellbeing can register for a free to attend interactive online workshop. This will take place on Thursday 28th January from 11.00am – 1.00pm.

Make A Difference Media is producing the online workshop in association with DMA Talent and with Texthelp’s sponsorship.

Issues that the workshop will cover include:

  • The long-term impact of the coronavirus and lockdown on neurodiverse colleagues
  • Whether to make remote working more permanent for neurodiverse colleagues
  • How to support neurodiverse colleagues with technology within a blended working environment/whilst working remotely
  • Case study: How Network Rail is supporting the wellbeing of neurodiverse colleagues
  • How to navigate a return to the workplace
  • Long-term effects of social distancing
  • The impact of limited opportunities for socialising
  • Approaches to introducing/expanding support networks

The content is designed for HR Leaders, Talent Managers, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders, Wellbeing Leaders and Champions. In other words, anyone, from any type or size of organisation, who is responsible for the wellbeing of neurodiverse colleagues.

This webinar has now taken place but you can get free access to the recording of the session and materials here:

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