Special Report: The Future of Wellbeing

Given the cost-of-living crisis, political uncertainty, and the ‘return to work’ post-covid, it is hardly surprising that employees are suffering, burnout is rife, the great resignation is raging. When workplace wellbeing is done well, engagement will rise, attraction will rocket and organisations will keep their best and attract the rest; when done poorly, presenteeism, absenteeism and attrition are soon to follow.

What should organisations do, what do employees want, what will have the most impact, how is wellbeing measured?

In an effort to play its part in finding ways in which to help the situation, IIRSM set out to fully understand the depth of the problem at the coal face by asking their members what they are seeing first hand.

They then joined forces with the IoD and combined their results with those from a major global survey – carried out by Deloitte – of their members.


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