Learn & Lead Webinar: How To Transform Culture Across Your Organisation By Turning Your Leaders Into Mental Fitness Role Models

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This webinar has now taken place and the recording can be viewed here

The Great Resignation. COVID-19. Hybrid. Today’s leaders face the perfect storm of headwinds – and two years on from the start of the pandemic, they’re running on empty.

As culture trickles down from the top, if our leaders are stressed and facing burnout, the impact is felt across the entire organisation. Now – more than ever – upskilling managers and leadership in looking after their own mental fitness as part of good management practice is critical.

Line managers and leaders are the key to the success of any cultural changes, but when it comes to wellbeing, if they are burnt out and struggling themselves, good habits will never stick. By helping leaders help themselves, entire organisations can benefit as a result.

Recognising this, Fika Mental Fitness is sponsoring a free to attend Make A Difference  learn & lead webinar: “How to transform culture across your organisation by turning your leaders into mental fitness role models ”. This will run from 10.00am – 11.00am on Wednesday 23rd February.

In 2022, Businesses Will Need To Be Mentally Fit To Survive

Join the session to learn:

  • The secrets behind the science of creating lasting, sustainable behavioural change to protect your entire workforce from declining mental health

  • Practical tools, techniques and exercises that you can implement within your own teams to begin transforming your workplace culture through embedded mental fitness practices

  • CASE STUDY: How DFS Group is embarking on a journey with Fika Mental Fitness to create sustainable behavioural change  – from the top down

Featuring expert insights from:

  • Dr Fran Longstaff, Head of Psychology, Fika Mental Fitness
  • Matt Burton, Head of Leadership & Talent, DFS Group
  • Gareth Fryer, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Fika Mental Fitness

The content is designed for C-Suite, HR Leaders, Culture & Business Transformation Leaders, Talent, Engagement and Communication Leaders, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders, Wellbeing Leaders and Champions. In other words, anyone who is responsible for the wellbeing of colleagues and wants to ensure they are providing the right support both now and in the future.

This webinar has now taken place and the recording can be viewed here

For a taste of what to expect, you might also be interested in this article by Dr Fran Longstaff:

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