New Webinar: Speaking Men’s Language – How To Talk To Male Colleagues About Health

This webinar has now taken place and the recording can be viewed here

The statistics are shocking. 1 in 5 of your male colleagues will die before they’re old enough to retire. 2 in 3 men are overweight and middle-aged men are twice as likely to have diabetes as women, yet twice as likely not to know.

The pandemic has highlighted the extent of the problem, with men at any given age more likely to die of Covid than women.

The problem and the solution both begin at work

The reasons are complex. Lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, social factors, cultural beliefs about masculinity and not wanting to be seen as weak. These all play a part and make it harder for men to ask for help.

Crucially, before retirement, working men seek GP support 50% less than women – retired men are just as likely to see their GP as retired women.  Men’s health, and the problems with it, begin in the workplace.

When you consider that males make up over half of the workforce, it’s clear that employers have cause for concern.

Recognising this challenge, Peppy is proud to announce the launch of its men’s health service, Peppy Men. To mark this launch, they will be running a free to attend Make A Difference webinar: “Speaking men’s language: how to talk to male colleagues about health.”

Join us from 12.00pm to 1.00pm on Wednesday 17th November, two days before International Men’s Day, and gain actionable advice and concrete insights into simple steps employers can take to make a difference including:

  • The key men’s health challenges that HR/line managers should be aware of
  • How to get men – regardless of age or sector – to talk about the issues they are facing
  • How to educate and support employees with a culture of openness
  • Why it’s important to have male specific support

Featuring expert speakers:

  • Mridula Pore, Co-CEO and Co-founder, Peppy
  • Lee McNamara, Group Head of Internal Communications and Culture, DFS
  • Dr Richard Viney, Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Helen Lake, Director of Men’s Health Services, Peppy

The content is designed for HR Leaders, Talent, Engagement and Communication Leaders, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders, Wellbeing Leaders and Champions. In other words, anyone who is responsible for the wellbeing of male colleagues.

The webinar is open to all but is particularly relevant for organisations with 500+ employees.

This webinar has now taken place and the recording can be viewed here



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