The Why and How of Creating a Joined-up Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit – Webinar

This webinar has now taken place but you can get free access to the recording of the session and materials here:

The business case has been proven for employers to support mental health and wellbeing. But, just having a selection of resources may not be the most efficient solution for your organisation. Whilst plenty of employers already have offerings in place, they may be seeing lower engagement rates than expected.

Rather than throwing everything at the wall and hoping it will stick, how do you foster a joined-up, sustainable approach to wellbeing across the organisation? How do you systematically create an integrated wellbeing toolkit that best suits employees’ needs?

Whether you’re just beginning to identify areas of support and develop a wellbeing framework, or you’ve got a shed full of wellbeing tools that needs sorting out, employers who want to find answers to these questions and assess the best approach for their organisation can register for a free to attend interactive webinar: “The Why and How of Creating a Joined-up Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit”.

This will take place on Thursday 10 June from 2.00pm – 3.00pm. Make A Difference Media is producing the webinar with the kind support of Togetherall and in association with Investors in People.

Deliberation, development, and discussion

For this interactive webinar, Henry Jones, CEO of online mental health service provider Togetherall, will first explain why a joined-up approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing makes sense, both for employees and for the business.

We’ll then open to discussion, exploring how a range of wellbeing leaders are achieving a joined-up approach including:

  • How you decide which solutions are right for your employees and create pathways to meet different needs.
  • The pros and cons of a mental health and wellbeing framework or policy.
  • Approaches to overcoming silos and achieving collaboration on wellbeing across the business.
  • Making the most of peer-to-peer networks.
  • Where work culture and management training fit into the mix.

The content is recommended for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs and Chief Medical Officers who are making decisions about investment in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees. It’s also highly relevant for Wellbeing Leaders, HR, Talent and Benefits professionals, Business Transformation Leaders, as well as workplace mental health and wellbeing champions.

In other words, anyone, from any type or size of organisation, who wants to ensure their mental health and wellbeing toolkit is joined-up, effective and sustainable.

This webinar has now taken place but you can get free access to the recording of the session and materials here:


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