YuLife launches AI-powered health and wellbeing metric that predicts businesses’ risk profiles

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Progressive tech-driven financial services company YuLife, has launched YuScore, an AI-powered metric that provides a real-time assessment of a business’s health and wellbeing profile. With YuScore in place, companies that are customers of YuLife can gain insights into their risk profiles based on employee engagement in daily healthy activities.

The YuLife app tracks and rewards users for participating in everyday wellbeing activities such as walking and meditation. These lifestyle metrics are then used to calculate the YuScore – which is powered by a proprietary machine learning algorithm that uses demographic, biometric, and socioeconomic factors to calculate a business’s risk level.

This behavioural forecasting model offers predictive insights into employee health trends, enabling proactive, data-driven strategies to mitigate health and business risk. Once trends are identified, customers will receive targeted recommendations based on their YuScore data to bolster the health of their workforce and prevent illness.

Using AI as a force for good

Traditionally, insurance has relied on managing risk based on static historical data. However, through the rise of AI and easy access to real-time wellbeing insights through wearable technology, risk can now be assessed in a dynamic, proactive way.

YuScore brings the health and life insurance industry a step closer to dynamic risk management by continuously monitoring employee health and wellbeing to empower businesses to take preventative measures before issues escalate. Not only does this benefit businesses who use YuLife with a healthier workforce, but it also allows YuLife to manage risk more effectively.

“Since the foundation of YuLife, our mission has been to inspire individuals worldwide to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives,” said Sammy Rubin, CEO and Founder of YuLife. “YuScore marks a significant milestone for YuLife as we strive to empower businesses to leverage group insurance products as a tool that can support employee health and wellbeing. YuScore is set to transform our customers’ ability to measure – and even forecast – the impact of their wellbeing initiatives dynamically and accurately, which is vital in order to demonstrate how much tangible value a healthy workforce has for an organisation.”

YuScore allows businesses to make informed adjustments to wellbeing strategies to ensure employees’ health and wellbeing are being supported effectively. It does this by identifying seasonal, short-term, and long-term health patterns and provides insights on the direct impact these trends have on workforces. The rating system ranges from 0 (high risk) to 100 (low risk) relative to other businesses of a similar profile.

“YuScore represents a watershed advancement in risk assessment. This new data-driven approach uses dynamic risk modelling to offer insights into employee health trends, enabling businesses to mitigate risks with targeted recommendations,” said Dr. John Ronayne, Lead Data Scientist at YuLife. “YuScore is a highly sophisticated and comprehensive tool that empowers businesses to optimise their wellness strategies, providing tailored recommendations and resources to promote healthier lifestyles leading to lasting, positive change.”

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