YuLife and Bupa Partner to Offer Dental Insurance to YuLife Members

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Even before Covid-19, many people in the UK were having trouble booking NHS dental appointments or simply registering with a dental practice. Post-Covid, the problem persists, increasing demand for private dental insurance in the UK which, according to  research by Morden Intelligence* is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% by 2027. This is fueled in part by employees requesting dental coverage by their employers.

Recognising this demand, The tech-driven insurance company YuLife has announced that it will offer its members the option of purchasing group dental insurance cover through a new partnership with Bupa.

In-app surveys among YuLife members revealed that dental insurance was the most in-demand product, having been requested by over 50% of respondents.

In response to this demand, YuLife customers can now add Bupa group dental insurance to their package, integrating it with their group life insurance along with access to YuLife’s app and wellbeing services. Bupa group dental insurance is available to both new and existing YuLife customers.

Attention on prevention

The partnership helps employees to stay on top of their oral health by allowing them to claim cash back towards preventative and unexpected dental treatment. It also makes it easier to access quality care through Bupa’s 470 dental practices across the UK and dedicated appointment support line.

As part of the Bupa Dental Plan, participating members will gain access to a fully-flexible plan including a simplified claims process. Bupa also provides comprehensive oral cancer cover which includes unlimited treatment following a diagnosis.

Sammy Rubin, CEO and Founder of YuLife said:

“Offering Bupa dental insurance to YuLife’s members furthers our commitment to boosting wellbeing at workplaces up and down the country. YuLife’s partnership with Bupa improves accessibility to quality dental care, a service we know to be in demand among our policyholders. This partnership forms part of our vision of using insurance as a means of improving policyholders’ quality of life by de-risking individuals through enhanced health and wellbeing support.”

Ann Stewart, Head of Bupa Dental Insurance said:

“Employers can play an important role in encouraging good oral health and early prevention, and I’m excited to see this partnership implemented across a wide range of businesses in the UK. Bupa’s own data shows demand for employee health and wellbeing benefits such as dental insurance are at an all-time high, with businesses recognising their value in attracting and retaining talent.”

YuLife combines protection through insurance, prevention through wellbeing activities and engagement through rewards. With this pioneering approach to insurance for businesses, YuLife actively reduces risk for the insurer through promoting and incentivizing healthy lifestyle change, which in turn enhances policyholders’ overall wellbeing.

YuLife’s life insurance package combines standard life and critical illness cover with access to YuLife’s app and wellbeing services, such as 24/7 virtual GP access and EAP mental health support. The YuLife app allows users to earn bonuses and discounts from leading UK brands in return for completing everyday wellbeing activities.


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