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PAM Wellbeing’s Health at Work UK Research Report

Category: Culture, MENTAL, PHYSICAL

Research carried out for PAM Wellbeing’s Health at Work Report, which was launched at the 4th MADWorld Summit on 21st October, looks at the issues most undermining employee health, as well as what employees want and need to stay healthy. Their nationwide survey found that mental health remains the biggest barrier to employee wellbeing.

Five key trends emerged as being the most important to boosting the health of the workforce going forward. The Health at Work Guide contains expert advice and tips on how to go about:

  • Focusing on prevention before cure – to help employees stay healthy
  • Making sure benefits are diverse – to ensure benefits are inclusive
  • Providing digital solutions – to empower employees to help themselves
  • Creating a culture of health – to increase employee loyalty and productivity
  • Boosting mental health – to address the main issue undermining wellbeing

Download the free Health at Work Report here.