The Hidden Pandemic: Five Expert Opinions On Why Employee Wellbeing Matters More Than Ever

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For this Leading Practice E-book, the digital workplace wellbeing provider Happence asked five experts, from their core team and wider network of psychologists and psychiatrists, to comment on the mental health impact of the pandemic and the challenges this has created for businesses in 2021 and beyond.
The e-book summarises essential considerations for every leader seeking to build a strong, positive workplace culture that promotes wellbeing and boosts overall success and productivity.
It also includes key tips for creating a culture of mental health inclusivity, and provides a concise resource for anyone making the case for investment in employee mental health and wellbeing.
This ebook complements the content of the Make A Difference Media webinar, sponsored by Happence, in association with The City Mental Health Alliance. You can access the recording of the webinar free here.

Download the free ebook here


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