Wellworking: How to make us all better at work

Transform your people from burnt out to blossoming

Companies are facing an epidemic of burnout, which is dragging down employee engagement, retention, productivity, and performance. To address the crisis, they’ve invested over $50 billion in employee wellbeing programmes in the past year alone. But it’s not working. While 96% of CEOs think they’re doing enough for mental health, 68% of employees say they’re still struggling.

Mind Gym set out to understand why most employee wellbeing programmes fail. They reviewed the literature and identified the main barriers – as well as the primary drivers – of wellbeing at work.

Download your copy of this wellbeing whitepaper to get:

• Detailed insights on the common wellbeing strategy pitfalls that constantly.

• Data-driven evidence on how companies get to the heart of the wellbeing problem instantly – and save money.

•The three remedies and five ingredients necessary to integrate wellbeing into the flow of work and help your employees to flourish.


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