Roundtables@MAD World Spotlight: Domestic Abuse, Psychological Safety and Financial Wellbeing

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One of the things that attendees love about MADWorld is that it’s a real melting pot for ideas and inspiration. The silos that sometimes exist within organisations, make it difficult to get buy-in across the board. But there are no silos at MADWorld. The Summit attracts attendees with a range of job titles and it’s a great opportunity to get different perspectives.

The roundtables have always been a popular feature of the MADWorld event. They give attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into specific topics and share knowledge in real-time with like-minded peers from an array of different sectors.

Delegates who register for the main event can sign up for the two roundtables they would like to attend when they arrive at the Summit. Spaces are allocated on a first come basis. This year, we’ve expanded this section of the event, with 20 roundtables to make it easier to network, share ideas and experiences.

Full details are here and this is a sneak peek of three of the roundtables:

Tackling domestic abuse

There are 2.3 million victims of domestic abuse each year which costs the economy an estimated £14 million. Two thirds of victims are women, one third men, and up to 75% of those experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work. Two women each week and one man each month are killed in England and Wales by a current or former partner.  Domestic abuse is a hugely destructive problem and employers have a legal duty of care towards domestic abuse victims, yet only 5% of organisations have a specific guideline or policy in place. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, calls to helplines have increased by 61% and with hybrid ways of working, working from home is not always the safe place that it should be.

Join this roundtable:

  • To understand the issue
    • The legal duty of care that employers have to safeguard employees experiencing domestic abuse
    • Spotting the signs
    • Working from home
  • Taking action
    • Domestic abuse guidelines and policies
    • 4 levels of action
    • Disclosure
    • National Grid’s case study of practical support

This roundtable will be facilitated by Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director, Business in the Community & Rosalind Barrows, UK Lead – Wellbeing & Health, National Grid

Implementing the new ISO 45003 standard for psychological health and safety

A silver lining of the pandemic is employers’ increasing recognition that psychological safety needs to be prioritised as well as physical safety. To help embed this into organisations, ISO 45003 Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace was published in June 2021. Join this roundtable for a valuable opportunity to meet one of the architects of the new standard and get answers to your specific questions including:

  • How you make the business case for ISO 450003
  • How the standard applies to colleagues in different work environments, including warehouse and shift workers, as well as those that are office based
  • If you have an ISO standard in place, is it possible to align to this?

This roundtable will be facilitated by Peter Kelly, Senior Psychologist, Health & Safety Executive

Reinventing benefits in a post-pandemic era to support financial wellbeing

The focus on employee benefits remains as strong as ever, and the Covid crisis has forced employers to really look at their benefit offerings to make sure they are adding value to existing employees and are attractive enough to draw in new employees. Fresh fruit delivered to the office was a staple offering by most employers, however with the rise and demand for hybrid working, reviewing the benefits offered is high on the agenda. Join this roundtable to share thoughts around:

  • How you understand where the true wellbeing value of a benefit lies
  • The difference between an Employer Assistance Programme and Financial Wellbeing and where they each add the value

This roundtable will be facilitated by Linda Anderson, Sales Manager, MyEva

The MAD World Summit is on Thursday 21st October, in-person at 133 Houndsditch in Central London. The Summit is the go-to event for employers who want to Make A Difference to workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. For more information visit the event agenda or to book visit the booking page.

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